I have always been interested in alternative health, loved nature and getting to the root of a problem. Initially what started out as seeking to understand what was causing some mild health problems - through a more holistic approach - led me on a journey of self discovery, completing my 3 levels of Reiki and exploring different energy and body/mind healing modalities.

My passion lies in an integrated approach to understanding and healing the body, mind and spirit. Health to me is a combination of eating what is right for your body, spending time in nature, engaging in different forms of movement and exercise, understanding oneself and embracing your creativity by doing things that nurture you - ultimately, living a life that is true to your authentic self.

Through energy work I like to help people gain clarity, recognise any issues that are holding them back and to realise their own potential by reconnecting with themselves. Each person has different passions, interests and ways of learning and it’s important to get back in touch with what they are to live a fulfilling life.

I believe healing comes in all shapes and forms and each persons journey is unique. My intention is to help empower people to tap into what they truely need in order to move forward in their life path.