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Energy Healing

Energy healing takes a holistic approach, going far beyond the physical, deep into the chakras and subtle energy bodies where the root cause of an 'issue' may be found and released. Our physical and energetic body stores a lifetime of our history including trauma, emotional wounds, false beliefs and limiting thought patterns. . 

Energy healing can be a powerful catalyst for growth and opens up our awareness to any areas we may need to work through and heal in our lives. By bringing the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects into harmony during a session it allows the bodies natural healing process to take place and this is when shifts occur.


One to One Intuitive Energy Healing

I hold a calm and peaceful space for my sessions to take place in to explore what mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually arises at that time.

Through the use of deep energy work with my hands I am guided to address blockages and imbalances in your physical body and energetic body. Bringing your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects into alignment ignites the natural healing process to take place within your body. When we let go of blockages or anything that may have been holding us back, we create space within which opens up the potential for shifts on many levels.

Each healing is unique to the person and what they need at that moment in time. If I am guided to I incorporate the powerful frequencies of crystals by laying them on different energy points of your body to deepen the experience. Flower essences may also be chosen for you to further support healing.

After the treatment I share any insights that came through. My intention is to hold a space that facilitates you to become more in tune with your true self and to leave the session feeling empowered to make any changes that will help you grow and move forward in your life. 

Cost: €60 - 75 mins session.