It has taken months for me to write this testimonial because from the bottom of my heart, I feel words cannot accurately depict the extent to which Rebecca’s work has benefited my life. Her energy work is powerful, yet gentle, non-invasive, and relaxing. Sessions with her have not only provided immediate relief to my physical and emotional pain, but have also equipped me with the insight and empowerment to make tremendous strides in healing from chronic illness, healing from emotional trauma, and navigating my journey of self-realization and self-exploration as I study in a foreign country for my master’s degree. She is competent and professional, yet accessible and kind. Unlike other energy healers I have encountered, Rebecca does not instill a sense of dependence on her therapy, but rather empowers me to become my own best advocate for my physical and emotional well-being. Such an approach has instilled gratitude, strength, and perseverance in the way in which I approach life, in all its peaks and valleys. I am consistently grateful for having met Rebecca in my first few weeks of living in Dublin. She is an inspiration whose work I would recommend to anyone. J, March 2019

 I would strongly recommend anyone to go to Rebecca for a healing session. I have been lucky enough to have had a few treatments with her and I have definitely noticed a shift from each and every one of them. She creates such a lovely safe and secure environment. The minute you walk into the room, she makes you feel totally comfortable and at ease. Rebecca has a gift to help you to unblock stored emotions or traumas that no longer help you, helping you to move forward with a more content life. I have seen many benefits since starting with Rebecca and I have no doubt many more feel the same way. She is always so positive about the future and will help to guide you to what is next for you. I am happier in myself and have much more energy from when I started. You are truly gifted and special and I want to thank you for your help and guidance along the way! Michelle Lacey, Nov 2018

Going to a session with Rebecca was a really great experience. It was extremely relaxing and therapeutic, everything from the candle lit space to the energy healing and the generous time she gives up for one session. I would highly recommend to anyone who is at all curious, whether your stressed or even just need a time out from busy day to day, its a really nice way to wind down! I will be definitely going back. :) Susan Dwyer, Nov 2018

I had never had energy healing before attending my session with Rebecca. I didn't really know what to expect going into the session but she put me right at ease. My main reason for getting energy healing was because I was curious about it. It's hard to explain how energy healing works but I have found it really helpful for gaining clarity on how to tackle certain situations I had in my life. I found that I wasn't even aware I was worried about things until they cropped in the session. My mind was was clearer after working with Rebecca, and I would highly recommend her for healing work. Louise Conway, Sept 2018